Terms of Service

Please read this document carefully and confirm your acceptance of the following terms before using Wordrys.

1. Acceptable Use
- By using Wordrys, you agree to act in accordance with the law and not to infringe upon the rights of other users.
- You may use the game for non-commercial personal use only. However, you may not modify, copy, distribute, or otherwise share the game's content between applications.
- Harassing, threatening, cheating, or engaging in harmful behavior within the game or towards other users is strictly prohibited.

2. Account Security
- You are responsible for keeping your account information secure while using Wordrys. Please choose a strong password and do not share it with anyone.
- If you believe there has been unauthorized access to your account, you must notify us immediately.

3. Intellectual Property Rights
- Wordrys and its services are subject to the intellectual property rights owned by BamBam Games or licensors.
- You may not copy, modify, distribute, or otherwise use the game's content without permission.

4. Limitation of Liability
- Wordrys and its services are provided "as is" and "as available". We do not guarantee that the game will be uninterrupted or error-free.
- We do not accept liability for any damages or losses that may arise from the use or inability to use the game.
5. Changes and Termination
- These terms may be updated from time to time. It is important to regularly review the updated terms and accept them.
- We reserve the right to terminate or modify Wordrys and its services at any time without prior notice.

6. Dispute Resolution
- In the event of any dispute, we aim to find an amicable resolution through mediation or alternative dispute resolution methods.